The four pillars for your success.

EMO Hannover is the world's leading trade fair for metalworking.
It is known to and appreciated by specialists from around the globe. Its excellent reputation is in no small part due to the persistent, longterm communication that has been and continues to be conducted via the key international media.

As organiser of the trade fair, the German Machine Tool Builders' Association (VDW) positions EMO Hannover - both editorially and in its advertising - as the most important event in the branch. In addition, you as an exhibitor inform your customers directly and extend invitations to them. The chances that notice will be taken of our communication activities rise the more frequently they occur, the more directly they are targeted, and the better they are coordinated. So join in and make active use of trade journals and the internet to channel the global interest shown in EMO Hannover towards your own company and your products. 

By way of support we offer you a comprehensive communication pack. It presents a whole range of ideas and advice for your own EMO communication concept. Making use of these various offers will save you both time and money Incorporating the EMO motto, for example, in statements you make concerning the fair will serve to emphasise the larger setting, as will your use of the EMO word mark and logo in your internet presence and your advertising. In doing so, you will reap the benefits of these shared communication efforts and multiply the effects achieved by your own investments.
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